Vevox (formerly Meetoo) is a cloud-based response system that enables audience members to vote on their own mobile devices.

However, if you want to get polling happening really quickly withing PowerPoint we recommend you try ParticiPoll….

  • Works wholly within PowerPoint slide decks so you can conduct polling inside PowerPoint. It provides an additional PowerPoint toolbar with polling functions.
  • Adding polls to your slides is really quick with ParticiPoll and you don’t need to leave PowerPoint to do it. Many presenters create polls on-the-fly during their presentations – its that quick!
  • You don’t have to enter your questions and answers into a third-party control panel – they’re just part of your normal slide content to format however you want
  • Participants respond using their own phones and tablets so there’s no need for awkward hardware voting pads
  • Voting happens on unique web page address you choose when you register so your participants don’t need to install any apps on their phones – they just go to your page on their browsers
  • Poll results are displayed directly inside your slides as you progress through your presentation normally.
  • All votes cast are completely anonymous so audience members can respond candidly without being biased.
  • Historic vote results and comments from the audience can be viewed in your Poll History any time you want.


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