Mentimeter is a popular polling solution which is primarily web-driven and has a decent set of polling features.

However, if you want to get polling happening really quickly within PowerPoint we recommend you try ParticiPoll….

  • Works entire inside your existing PowerPoint presentations so you can edit and control your polling within PowerPoint. You get a new toolbar with polling features added to your standard PowerPoint menu.
  • ParticiPoll makes insertion of polls really fast and you don’t need to leave PowerPoint to do it. It’s quick enough that you can comfortably create polls on-the-fly whilst you’re presenting.
  • You don’t need to type your questions and answers into a 3rd-party system – you just ask them in your normal slide content in whatever format you like.
  • Audience members cast their votes using their phones and tablets so you don’t need to organise hardware voting buttons
  • Voting is via a web page so your participants don’t need to install an app on their devices – they just go to your web page.
  • The results appear directly inside your slides as you go through your presentation.
  • Votes are anonymous so your audience can vote honestly and without bias.
  • Previous poll results and audience comments are viewable in your Poll History at any time.


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