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To use ParticiPoll, you need to install an add-in for PowerPoint. This is completely safe and really easy to do and we have a version for customers who do not have installation rights.

ParticiPoll licences are sold on a flat rate, individual presenter basis and you can install the add-in on more than one machine. The ParticiPoll add-in is compatible with PowerPoint for PC on Microsoft Office versions 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365 (but not 2007). It is also available for Mac on Microsoft Office version 2016 (2011 is not supported.)

To get the version that’s right for you, answer the following questions:-

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Installation Instructions

Please note: Due to a limitation in the code platform of Office for Mac, the add-in does not display a live count of votes as they come in. Display of actual poll results and all other features function normally as per the PC version.
file_download Download and unzip the Mac add-in

  1. Save the file somewhere where it won’t get deleted
  2. Run PowerPoint 2016 and click on Tools > PowerPoint Add-ins in the Apple menu
  3. Click the plus (+) button in the Available add-ins dialogue box
  4. Browse to the ParticiPoll.ppam file that you unzipped, select it then click ‘Open’
  5. Select ‘Enable Macros’ if prompted.
  6. Click ‘OK’ to close the Available add-ins dialogue box.
  7. You should now see a new participoll toolbar item in PowerPoint which reveals the participoll ribbon menu.
Ready To Start?

Once you’ve successfully installed the add-in, click here for our simple How-To Guide to polling with ParticiPoll…

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