Slido is a cloud-based audience voting system which allows presenters to run audience polls via a web-based system. It offers a ‘switcher’ tool to allow presenters to switch between their web-based polls and their PowerPoint presentations

If you want to get polling up and running inside your existing PowerPoint presentations really quickly try ParticiPoll….

  • ParticiPoll runs entirely inside PowerPoint so you don’t need to switch between applications to poll. It adds new polling functionality via an additional PowerPoint toolbar
  • You can quickly add polls into your slides from inside PowerPoint via the ParticiPoll toolbar. It’s quick enough to setup polls that many presenters add them during their live presentation.
  • You don’t have to upload poll questions and content to a third-party system – it all happens inside PowerPoint and you can format your slides however you like.
  • Your audience vote and interact using their own web-connected devices so you don’t need to provide cumbersome voting pads
  • As a presenter, you get a unique voting address to send your audience to for voting – no apps are needed, just a web browser.
  • Poll results appear live in your presentation as you move through your slides.
  • Voting is completely anonymous so audience members can give candid, unbiased responses
  • All previous poll data and audience comments can be viewed and downloaded in your Poll History area,


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