How to Use ParticiPoll

This how-to guide is for users of our legacy PowerPoint add-in (installed pre 20th February 2020) which provides multiple choice polls and audience comments only.

1. Ask a Question

Create a PowerPoint slide with a question and up to six A-to-F answer options.

How to use ParticiPoll: an PowerPoint poll slide with an example question and answers

2. Insert a Poll

Press “Insert Poll” on the ParticiPoll toolbar in PowerPoint and select the number of allowed answers. A results bar will be added to your slide. You can add polls to as many slides as you like.

How to use ParticiPoll: A ParticiPoll poll being inserted into a PowerPoint slide

3. Login to ParticiPoll

Press “Start Polling” on the ParticiPoll toolbar and login to start the polling session.

How to use ParticiPoll: PowerPoint session with user logging into ParticiPoll audience polling solution

4. Start Your Presentation

Start your presentation the normal way by pressing F5 or the “Start From Beginning” button on the PowerPoint Slide Show menu.

How to use ParticiPoll: Starting a PowerPoint presentation with a ParticiPoll slide

5. Prepare Your Audience

Send the audience to your voting page on their devices (any web browser will do). Think about displaying your voting page address or QR Code in your first slide. You can customise your voting page!

How to use ParticiPoll: A tablet and smartphone with ParticiPoll's voting page loaded

6. Collect Votes

When you reach a poll slide in your presentation, your audience can start voting. You’ll see a live count of the votes cast (PC only).

How to use ParticiPoll: vote counter going up on a ParticiPoll audience polling slide

7. Show Results!

Once everyone has voted, press space, right-arrow or mouse-click (single press only) like you’re going to the next slide – your poll results will appear live in your PowerPoint slide!

How to use ParticiPoll: poll results histogram from a Participoll poll

8. View Live Audience Comments

Go to My Account > Live Comments during your live presentation to view comments from the audience. It’s best to view them on a separate device such as your smartphone to avoid disrupting your presentation.

How to use ParticiPoll: a page of comments from the audience of a ParticiPoll polling session

After Your Presentation

Log in to My Account to view and download historic poll data and audience comments.

How to use ParticiPoll: laptop computer showing charts and graphs from historical ParticiPoll polling sessions

Customise Your Voting Page

Visit My Account > Customise to add your logo, choose colour schemes and choose your voting page language.

How to use ParticiPoll: tablet and smartphone showing customised ParticiPoll voting page URLs