ParticiPoll Update: New Features, Faster Response, Bugs Fixed!

We’re delighted to announce a new improved version of ParticiPoll, our free audience polling add-in for PowerPoint.

Please be sure you’re using the latest version of the ParticiPoll add-in by following these simple instructions:



Faster Performance
We’ve optimised the voting and polling code to reduce the time it takes for votes to reach your presentations.

Support for Proxy Server Connections
If you connect to the Internet via a proxy server you can now enter your connection settings and continue to use ParticiPoll.

Bugs Fixed and Better Warning Messages
We fixed a few bugs in our previous version and introduced more informative warning messages for things like lost internet connections and multiple polls within slides.


And now for the bad news….

End of Support for PowerPoint 2007
Having come up against a fundamental animation bug in PowerPoint 2007, which Microsoft have acknowledged but haven’t patched, we’ve regrettably had to take the decision to abandon support for 2007. PowerPoint for Office versions 2010 and 2013 both continue to work well.

Mac Version not Ready (Yet!)
We’re still planning to try to release a version for Mac but our efforts on the PC version have taken longer than anticipated. Please do let us know if you would like to be notified when a Mac version becomes available.



Poll screen capture, customisable voting buttons, sharing presentation files with your audience, a connection test button:  we’ve had lots of great ideas for new features for our next release – many of them from our customers.

Have a look at the list of feature ideas we’re considering and tell us what you think by email or leaving a comment:


Thanks for your continued support for ParticiPoll!


New Feature Ideas for ParticiPoll – Tell Us What You Think

We’ve had loads of great feedback from our customers about what features they’d like to see in our next product release.

Here is a summary of some of the ideas we’ve received. If you have any comments or ideas please leave a comment below or contact us directly – we’d love to hear from you!

  1. Screen capture of poll results to be displayed in historical results
  2. Sharing of poll requests and poll results on social media.
  3. Sharing your presentation files via your unique voting page.
  4. Optional logins for audience members who wish to be contacted
  5. An audience forum
  6. Moderated live stream of audience comments within presentations
  7. Customisable voting page
  8. Sound effect on pressing voting buttons
  9. Custom voting URL – use your own domain for voting.
  10. Wordcloud generator based on audience comments
  11. Connection test button to make sure polling is working.
  12. Correct answer feedback to audience
  13. Questions and Answers template to assist with presentation designing
  14. Mac version of the add-in
  15. Windows 8 app version
  16. New audience comments alert in live presentations