What Is A Word Cloud And Why Should I Use One?

A Word Cloud is a collection or cluster of words depicted in different sizes. The bigger and bolder the word appears, the more often it is selected/voted for by an audience member. Word Clouds are a powerful way to visualise what your audience really thinks about a topic. They are easy to read, quick to […] Read more

10 Word Cloud Ideas For Different Scenarios…

Gathering Feedback Word Clouds can be useful when gathering feedback from customers e.g. at a product launch. Here is an example using ParticiPoll.   Use a Word Cloud to gather feedback from customers e.g. at a market research session. These can be particularly useful as the audience is using their own language.  They can help […] Read more

Using Word Clouds To Help Calm Nerves And Keep Your Audiences’ Attention

Are you running a presentation or classroom session where your audience will be participating in an imminent follow-up examination or assessment? Do you want to know how your audience is feeling and be able to put them at ease whilst keeping them attentive? Word Clouds can be a useful tool to help you achieve this. […] Read more

How to Use Wordclouds to Build Rapport with International Audiences

There are many of you who present or facilitate sessions with international audiences, or indeed have experience of being a member in a diverse audience. You can appreciate that it is one of the more challenging situations in which to ensure everyone is attentive, engaged and understanding the content being presented.   Here is a […] Read more