What is a Word Cloud and Why Should I Use One?

A Word Cloud is a collection or cluster of words depicted in different sizes. The bigger and bolder the word appears, the more often it is selected/voted for by an audience member.

Word Clouds are a powerful way to visualise what your audience really thinks about a topic. They are easy to read, quick to produce and simple to understand.

what is a word cloud

What are the benefits of using a Word Cloud? 

Word Clouds help reveal what your audience really think 

  • Understand what your audience/employees feel about a topic/situation
  • Your audience can summarise their view of a topic
  • Allows you to measure change when used at the start and end of an intervention/workshop
  • You can measure audience understanding of a topic
  • Allows you to identify what is important to your audience
  • Brainstorm concepts or ideas
  • Identify audience feedback in their own choice of words
  • Identify new ideas/topics to target
  • Facilitate peer to peer feedback
  • Gather and present e.g. employee change readiness to stakeholders.

Word Clouds are quick and informative

  • The audience voting page enables the presenter to get live feedback from their audience in real time

Word Clouds are exciting and emotional  

  • The audience feel part of the presentation
  • Provide an opportunity for co-creation of content
  • The audience help drive the topic of discussion.

Word Clouds are engaging

  • The audience feel part of the presentation by contributing their answers.
  • The audience are interested to see the responses from their fellow audience members.
  • Word Clouds can be good icebreakers and can provide an entry point for a topic of discussion.

Word Clouds are visual

  • Our brains prefer this over any other format
  • Your audience is more likely to engage with this visual format than with a conventional slide with bullet points.

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