12 Ice-Breaker Ideas To Get Your Virtual Meeting Started


1. Straightforward polling question where the audience selects one answer – the topic can be trivia or made relevant to the meeting.


2. A fun question, here the audience can vote on multiple answers.


3. An either/or question. Be creative with your slide layout.


4. A polling question using the flat doughnut chart feature.


5. A polling question using the pie chart feature.


6. A polling question using the 3D pie chart feature and creative visuals.


7. A topical question for a word cloud – addressing the coronavirus lockdown, how people are adjusting to working at home.


8. Another word cloud idea if you have a diverse and large audience and you want to know more about them.


9. Create a word cloud out of an anagram (you could select an anagram with specific themes/words you wish the audience to take away from the meeting).


10. Word cloud – what can your audience see in a picture?


11. A visual slide with a polling question using the 3D bar chart feature.


12. Another visual slide with a polling question.

We hope these icebreakers have provided some ideas and inspiration for your virtual meetings – we would love to hear of examples you have used and how they have worked!

Finally – don’t forget to include your voting URL (add link to blog post on URL) on every ice-breaker slide so your audience know where to place their vote/participate!