Absolutely the Worst PowerPoint Presentation EVER?

Death by PowerPoint is a pretty well known condition but sometimes it can be more like Sleep-deprivation torture followed by a slow lingering death by PowerPoint.

So we thought it would be fun to hear some of your experiences of truly terrible presentations.

To whet your appetite, we thought the NSA’s infamous PRISM presentation took some beating when it came to truly dreadful slides (not to mention the revelations within!):-

nsa prism powerpoint

So please hit us with both barrels! What’s the worst PowerPoint presentation you’ve ever witnessed (or given if you’re brave) and what made it so bad? Was it the layout or content of the slides? Was it the presenter’s style or lack therof?

Share your experiences in the comments below and we’ll give away some free months on Participoll to the best (worst) examples we get!

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  1. Jason Nowaczyk
    Jason Nowaczyk says:

    I once had to be part of a 4 hr. PD session in which a consulting firm came in to clue us in about the implementation of the Common Core Standards in education. The presenters turned their back to us the entire time and read WORD-for-WORD off the slides. Oh and the slides literally were just made up of copy and pasted BLOCKS of text from the website. I felt like it was the most boring and pain inducing version of story-time ever.

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