Are BYOD Audience Polling Software Systems Set To Kill Clickers?

We’ve put together a brief summary of the pros and cons of BYOD (bring your own device) polling systems like vs hardware clicker or voting pad systems. If you are looking for the best software development then do visit us.


BYOD Software System Benefits

  • Generally cheaper than hardware
  • Installation and setup simpler with no need to hand-out voting pads
  • Audience members less likely to lose their devices than voting pads
  • More likely to Integrate with your existing presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint)
  • More future-proof as software systems can be updated and new features added more easily.
  • Better accessibility to previously collected poll data (most systems offer immediate download)
  • Reduces the distraction factor of audience members playing with their devices – puts them to good use instead.


Hardware Benefits

  • Guarantees that everyone can poll (provided you have enough clickers)
  • Less dependent on WIFI or mobile data networks (though most need their own WIFI connection).



In short, the bring your own device approach is almost always best provided A) your typical audience have smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc and  B) You have reliable access to WIFI or mobile data at your venue.

As networked devices and reliable Internet connections become more ubiquitous we think this choice will become a no-brainer over the next few years.