Death By PowerPoint – Are You Guilty?

We don’t mean to be blunt but some of you just aren’t presenting well and it’s annoying! Death By PowerPoint is real so here’s a quick list of presentation crimes that you need to stop committing immediately:-

You’re the presenter, not PowerPoint

People don’t come to watch a slideshow – they want to hear and see you tell them something. Quit using PowerPoint as a crutch!

Stop reading from your slides

If you’re going to read from your slides then why turn up at all? Just email or hand out your presentation to the audience and be done with it.

Stop filling your slides with crap

Don’t post up stuff that just repeats what you’ll be saying anyway

Ditch the clip-art

If you’ve got a photo or a chart you need to show then fine but don’t fill your slides with lightbulbs, people shaking hands, archery targets, etc.

Guns don’t kill people, bullet points do

If you’ve got a list of stuff that’s long enough to need bullet points then it’s too long for your slide.

Give a damn

A whole bunch of people have gone out of their way to see you – make it worth it for them! Tell them something they really need to know.

Engage with your audience

You’re not an automata and neither are they. Make it a conversation, not a lecture. Talk to the front row, ask them a question, do a ParticiPoll poll.


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